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Containers are picked

up at this location :


625 Pine Road

Hammonton, NJ


R. F. DeMarco Nursery, Inc.

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Our nursery sells wholesale

to  the trade only

We are not a retail operation.


Currently we sell across the U.S.


We are a container grown Rhododendron nursery

on the East Coast.  


We propagate our own  Rhododendrons, Azaleas,

Pieris, Blueberries,

Chamaecyparis and Holly.


All the cuttings are taken from our nursery stock blocks on our Nursery. 


R. F. DeMarco Nursery, Inc. welcomes wholesale buyers to come visit the nursery to see the nursery stock before making their purchase.

We also email pictures of nursery stock upon request.

 Call 609.561.4640

to schedule an appointment.


Directions to our nursery.


Be sure to visit the informative links we have listed if you need to find information on a particular plant.




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Call 609.561.4640


Fax 609.561.3685


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 Five Gallon


A beautiful day in NJ

#3 Container


#3 Container

Evergreen Azaleas

 R. F. DeMarco Nursery, Inc  Est. 1963

              263 Basin Road

          Hammonton, NJ 08037

263 Basin Road

Hammonton, NJ